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See the video highlights from Convention September 21, 2017

Get all the video highlights from the OCSEA Biennial Convention in Cincinnati at OCSEA's YouTube page.

Jerry Springer stands up for unions September 21, 2017

At the OCSEA Biennial Convention, Jerry Springer told delegates that unions are the ONLY institution that consistently fights for the middle class.

First wave of OCSEA Free College recipients graduate September 20, 2017

Recent Eastern Gateway Community College graduates talked about how OCSEA's free college benefit has helped them balance home and work life and work toward meeting their educational and workplace goals.

Iowa forced to hold recert elections every year September 15, 2017

In attempt to destroy unions and strip workers of their collective bargaining rights, AFSCME Iowa Council 61 must hold union recertification elections EVERY YEAR for their 47 bargaining units––for a grand total of 240 elections.

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